Given the interdisciplinarity of the PhD Course, PhD Students will be allowed to flexibly build their learning path by choosing among the many courses offered from our department, University or external, accredited institutions.

Students will be therefore asked to choose, in addition to mandatory courses in methods and tools, a personalized syllabus that must be approved from their supervisor(s) and PhD Coordinator.

Students will also be asked to attend seminars that are to be considered mandatory.

Mandatory courses will be mainly held (but are not limited to) in relation to the following topics:

  • Basic Statistics and Advanced Statistics, specifically IRT with R;
  • Research Methodologies in Psychology and Behavioral Research;
  • Computer Programming and Data Analysis on Python.

A Team Building Outdoor, for a research group, is a unique opportunity to develop soft skills such as creativity, team play and get to know each other outside of the lab.

You will have the chance to meet lab heads, researchers, post-docs and fellow PhD students, so you’ll be warmly invited to attend. Team Building are organized by Prof. Alessandro Rasetta, Phd, who works as a corporate consultant and has built an unquestioned experience over many long years as Happiness Officer Manager for HR empowerment.